The Metech recording studio is open for hire, including engineer / producers such as Cian Houchin, Karl Morey and James Dunkley.
Both Pro Tools and Logic are available on an 8 core Mac. Plug-in's include Waves, Native Instruments and Universal Audio. For digital conversion we use an SSl Alpha link. There are 24 tracks running from the large live room to the control room, in addition to a vocal booth, which we also use for recording other instruments and cab's. All rooms are acoustically treated and benefit from recent refurbishment.

Analogue Channel Input

Zen Mixing Console

There is a vast array of mic's available for capturing live instruments including two sets of Audix mic's we use for drums. These are considered to give an 'American' feel to the recording.. Mmm, we use an SM57 on snare top though!. The kick's sweet and clicky though yet still captures the punch. Mic's are fed into an Audient Zen console. This analogue mixer is very clean and captures the full warm sound everyone strives for. The flexible routing is ideal for headphone monitoring for individual musician mixes and talk back.
For vocals we use the industry standard Neumann UA87 mic through the award winning Avalon 737sp, a four tube pre-amp with a sweet compressor.. Vocalists have the option of recording either in the dedicated vocal booth, or with the engineer in the control room, where we also have an SE Electronics reflexion filter available. Further outboard analogue equipment including compressors and eq are also used in the mixing process, sent and returned through clean DA-AD converters, capturing the units's functionality, saturation and character.

Song Mixing Service

Studio Keyboard

If you've pre recorded a track but can't get it to sound right, we can suppy that energy you're looking for.
Through experience and professional ears, in addition to the right plug-ins and outboard gear, at Metech we can get your songs sounding as big and clear as commercial releases. If you have your songs either recorded or mixed at the Metech studio, we will master them for free!

Need Help with Musician's or Writing?

Get in touch! - Are you a singer or songwriter with a desire to hear your work fixed up at it's true potential? -
Whether it's help with song arrangement, or you just want drums or guitar laid down by professionals, it is likely we can do this either in house or close by.. All aspects of music production catered for, including recording live performance, video production, photography, internet optimization and distribution.

Whatever you're band genre, be it metal, pop or dance music, we've got the skills and experience to produce quality productions.

Audio + Visual Impact

Follow these links to Metech Multimedia Ltd for further information about a host of services available at our studio in Bedfordshire, including:
Recording Studio | Video Filming & Editing Services | Portrait Photography | Commercial Product Photographer