Walking Alone with your Spirits

With us, always there, we connect when we want to. They have the power but it is our choice when it is to be used in our existence. You'll find them at the point you let them in, they stay there at that pont throughout the connection. Beware of your being and stay with that being. Use what you will and you will be rewarded with the task. Never let them take over, stay in control and you can have a harmonious co-existence. At times they will push but you know there is a point to stop and it is this that keeps you in control.
If you feel things are going too far, stop, you can always stop, that's your choice, take time away from this, forget it, for that may keep you sane.


Light Pools Swirl, Disputing

Cian from Saints of Eden

About 5 feet away from you. Seen through a second vision. Maybe four or five outer rings, pulsating and not in parallel. Almost neon in colour with flecks of yellow. Not solid, you could not touch them.
They communicate with you through thought, laughing and joking and become part of your everyday life. You talk to them out loud as if they were 'real'. They squabble and entwine in their mini fall-out's as if they were juvenile. They were around for 3 months (all the time), and vanished without a trace following a huge row between them. Maybe arguing about me but I did not hear that.
This experience influenced the song 'Zero' on the Proteus album.


Mystery Woman

Often appearing in SOE  lyrics. This powerful woman, with long, flowing red hair is a contact that's been with me for many years. She appears in visions, without warning and after some time, gone without a trace. My heart is crumbled by the power she possess. She watches while cornering me and I am defenseless. We can never be and that's what makes it so sad.


Saints of Eden

How it came to this..

Cian started writing music and singing in the hardcore punk scene of the 80's, along with other band members Wag and Sean, releasing 3 albums and an ep in the band Legion of Parasites.
Following LOP, he went on to release ep's of various music, under different names and guises, one of these a favourite with the late John Peel called Psyco#9..a 200 bpm slamming and screaming project, working alongside co writer Grant Sullivan released ep's.



By chance, Cian was suggested as a bass player to Carl Mc Coy who had recently formed his incarnation of Nefilim (fields of the nephilim). Carl's guitarist for this project Paul Miles was actually an acquaintance of Cian's from back in the punk days as Paul's band Varukers were in the same underground scene as LOP and Cian once organised a gig for Varukers in his home town.. Then 8 years later they were both to join Nefilim, injecting some of the hardcore influence alongside Carl's atmosphere's and infectious vocals bringing together the Zoon album. A 5 year task, seeing the band (including Simon Rippin on drums) recording in many studio's and going through many producers, with the results to be finally mixed, with automation from Cian and Carl's hands as it went to DAT, at Carl's house in his studio.

So..... Hardcore punk, techno industrial mayhem, gothic rock music and metal.. Now that's a bit of a mix up? - So that's what ya get with Saints of Eden.. + sequences, rhythms and production exploring and expanding as processor power, innovation and skill makes progress. At times very cinematic, atmospheric and theatrical. Influenced by all that has gone before, the love and the hurt, the experience, a feeling of being..


Where did the name Saints of Eden come from?

Approaching the release of the Nefilim single 'Penetration' some re mixes were required and Cian wrote and produced two of these. A pseudonym was required and so the name came, at the last minute from out of the blue but fitted the concept perfectly. As you hear how the first SOE album evolved, it's clear that Saints of Eden had started long before it had began.

SOE Live Band

Originally performed with vocal, guitar and bass over a backing track, although still doing some club appearances in this format.

Addition of triggered, played drums to the band (Flow Toulman) after a year or so. Then, second guitarist (Dave Christmas)

Current line-up (pic) L to R Saints Of Eden Band picture

Dave Christmas guitar, Ross Anderson guitar, Cian Houchin Vocals, Flow Toulman drums, Andy Kendal bass.